Teddy Setyadiputra

Teddy comes from a musical background who performed in bands throughout the 1970’s. After many years running a successful business his love of music was re-ignited when he started dancing in the late 80’s. It was the mystical sound of the tango that he fell in love with.

He is a true musician at heart whose hobby is to collect, DJ and compile music for tango dancing. Through years of dedication and research he has built an extensive library of Tango music from Old Guard, the Golden Age of tango through to Nuevo Tango and the latest compositions. Much of his collection includes rare tango recordings that have been passed down from generation to generation.

It’s no surprise that Teddy enjoys dancing for the music and he’s most well known for his Milonga, perhaps reflective of his playful personality. As the official DJ for A Little Buenos Aires – Tango in Sydney milongas and events, Teddy carefully selects a playlist that is diverse, enjoyable and most of all danceable.