Tango Beginners Course starts February!

Learn the fundamentals of Tango in our 8-Week Beginners Course!

This beginners program is designed to help you grasp the basic elements of Tango. The key skills include – balance and the tango walk, the connection of an embrace, and the renowned tango movements of the ocho and parada. A grounded understanding of these skills lead to the next levels (beginners II program and beyond) whereby dancers develop the ability to improvise, dance musically and socially.

Marsfield 8-Week Beginners Course
Starts Monday 5th February 2018
7.30pm St Anthony’s Hall 
54 Agincourt Rd, Marsfield
Term Fee $140 single or $210/couple
Registrations – call 0411 458 830

On-going Tango Salon Classes – Mondays @ Marsfield
7:30pm-8:30pm – Beginners I & II
8:30pm-9:30pm – Intermediate/Advanced Tango Salon 
Cost per session $20pp

Tango studio locations & maps click here
* Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced & Performance Levels
* Custom Choreography, Bridal & Special Performances
* Private Lessons by booking – call 0411 458 830

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