Becoming a Milonguero

Becoming a Milonguero

When we pull everything together, the learning, the musicality and the passion, Tango becomes a lifestyle. We frequently receive the feedback that Tango has changed peoples lives mostly because of the enjoyment and the bringing together of people that tango culture creates.

When the skills of the Argentine Tango are genuinely nurtured in a dancer, they can take this silent language around the world and dance anywhere and with anyone. You don’t even have to speak the language, yet you can share an amazing dance with a complete stranger.

Dancers are referred to as a Milonguero – male tango dancer, or Milonguera – female tango dancer. Milongueros – a group of dancers in the traditional sense is a term used for those addicted to tango dancing, people who would live for tango and who danced every night. A more contemporary use of the word is to refer to people who love tango.

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