A Little Buenos Aires Teaching Philosophy

A Little Buenos Aires Teaching Philosophy

Argentine Tango was originally passed on from generation to generation based on one key principal MUSICALITY. It’s doesn’t always come naturally but by using authentic teaching methods and the physiology of movement our experienced Tango instructors will guide you on your personal journey.

Our tango teachers are Buenos Aires accredited at the Escuela Argentina de Tango, in Buenos Aires with backgrounds in music and a multitude of dance styles. They have dedicated many years in collaborating with international Tango Maestros and Maestras and accumulated an extensive repertoire of teaching materials and music.

We appreciate and encourage INDIVIDUALITY because beyond the steps it’s creativity and spontaneity that creates the thrill and enjoyment of improvised dancing. As a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council we have the pleasure of sharing this uniquely beautiful dance. Tango is for everyone who is willing to enjoy it!

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Learning to Tango – from Beginners to Advanced

A Little Buenos Aires Tango Academy offers classes and workshops at three northern Sydney locations (Artarmon, Ashfield & Marsfield) and will cater for all levels of dancers. Learn from experienced Teachers accredited from the Escuela Argentina de Tango, in Buenos Aires. They impart their depth of knowledge using authentic teaching methods and musicality. You can learn the tango via the format (classes below) that works best for you. 

GROUP CLASSES are limited to small numbers so you receive individual attention. PRIVATE LESSONS provide the opportunity to accelerate your journey. WORKSHOPS cater for various skill levels with specialised topics. And CHOREOGRAPHY can be customised for your skill and occasion – e.g. Wedding, Birthday or Debut Tango Performance.

Extend your learning through our INTERNATIONAL GUEST TEACHERS who visit Sydney throughout the year or join our TANGO TOUR team at overseas conferences and festivals.

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